1 - Starters

Soup du Jour


(please inquire for daily selection)

mes Coddled Organic Egg on Black Truffled Mash (V)


*Pacific Big Eye Tuna (GF)


tossed with avocado, shiso, crispy shallot & wasabi ice Cream

*Hokkaido Scallop (GF)


served with oscietra, crispy baby sardines, nori, mizuna and wasabi honey dressing

*Foie Gras $228

*Foie Gras


served with abalone, smoked eel, brioche toast and granny smith apple dashi

Kagoshima Beef Tenderloin (GF)


served with uni, organic egg yolk, shiso, ginkgo, rice cracker and honey soy

Beet Root (V) $158

Beet Root (V)


roasted and marinated
accompanied by plums, brie croquette, pecan, red date sponge and balsamic fig glaze

Boston Lobster $298

Boston Lobster


slow cooked, carpaccio
accompanied by pomelo, ikura, garlic chips, chili and lime dressing

Geoduck (GF)


accompanied by sea whelk, hojicha soy milk pudding, puffed wild rice,
spring onion, Szechuan spicy sesame dressing and horseradish foam

*Eggplant (V) (GF)


served with japanese yam, okra, sweet corn, radish, crispy shallot and yuzu honey shoyu koji