1 - Starters

Soup du Jour


(please inquire for daily selection)

mes Coddled Organic Egg on Black Truffled Mash (V)

*Pacific Big Eye Tuna (GF) $168

*Pacific Big Eye Tuna (GF)


sesame crusted and seared

accompanied by avocado, shiso, crispy shallot, ponzu & kimchi ice cream

*Hokkaido Scallop (GF)



served with grilled abalone, smoked eel broth, ink cracker and seaweed foam

*Kagoshima Chuck Rib (GF)



served with uni, organic egg yolk, crispy enoki and sweet potato chips

(add HKD80 for tasting menu option)

Scottish Salmon


slow cooked

served with oscietra, pickled beetroot, yoghurt, puffed farro and wasabi sesame dressing

*Asparagus (V) (GF) $158

*Asparagus (V) (GF)


poached and raw

served with quail egg, pea panna catta, quinoa, parmesan crisps and cashew nut dressing

Langoustine (GF) $248

Langoustine (GF)



accompanied by ikura, pomelo, chia seed, pink grapefruit jelly and calamansi foam