Le Petit Menu


Garlic Frites


served with Ketchup & Truffle Mayonnaise

Cauliflower Tempura


served with Spicy Mayo

Egg Benedict


with Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Yuzu Hollandaise

Spicy Negitoro Tartar


served on Romaine Lettuce

Two Mini Burgers with French Fries & Vegetables Sticks


(Choice of two : wagyu beef, veggie and negitoro)

Chicken Cutlet Sandwich


shredded Cabbage & 7 Spice Aioli

Assiette de Jamón Ibérico


Assiette de Fromage de Fromagerie Antony



Mandarin $108



Mandarin Mousse and Jelly accompanied with Pistachio Meringue and Soil

Deconstructed Black Forest

Kirsch Cream goes with Griottines and Texture of Guanaja (mousse, sponge, crumble)

French Crêpe with Your Choice of 2 Toppings & 1 scoop of our House-made Ice cream


( mixed berries, banana, mango, caramel, nutella, chopped almonds, hazenut )

Green Tea Mille Feuille, Hokkaiko Red Bean and Black Sesame Ice Cream