2 - Mains

*Spanish Pork Belly (GF)


braised with Okinawa black sugar and shoyu
served with bitter melon, tofu and mustard

*Heirloom Carrots (V) (GF)


maple syrup roasted
served with cashew nuts, egg tofu, brussels sprouts and coconut turmeric emulsion

Lamb Shank (GF)


sous vide
served in hot iron pot with garlic scapes, bamboo shoots,
mushrooms, wilted romaine lettuce and fermented bean curd

Hairy Crab (GF) $380

Hairy Crab (GF)


tossed with risotto, ginger, snow pea tips, uni and served in bamboo steamer



served with cuttlefish “noodle”, onsen egg, crispy yuba, coriander and laksa broth

Duck $640 (for two)


$640 (for two)

tea smoked and roasted
served with cucumber, scallion, charred pita bread and hawthorn tamarind sauce

Japanese Sea Cucumber


stuffed with Argentina red shrimp then braised,
served with glass noodle egg custard, komatsuna and shellfish consommé

*French Chicken Thigh $360

*French Chicken Thigh


accompanied by conpoy, goji berries, sugar snap pea, mian and vin jaune chicken jus

Wagyu A3 Sirloin $480

Wagyu A3 Sirloin


breaded and deep fried
served with yaki onigiri, mizuna, garlic chips, wasabi, onsen egg and kabayaki sauce

*Black Cod (GF) $360

*Black Cod (GF)


soy glazed
accompanied by scrambled egg white, pea tips and shaoxing wine emulsion