A La Carte

Jet Fresh Oysters

raw served on Ice (please inquire for daily selections)

Jet Fresh Fish of The Day

(please inquire for daily selection)


Soup du Jour


(please inquire for daily selection)

mes Coddled Organic Egg on Black Truffled Mash (V)


*Pacific Big Eye Tuna (GF)


tossed with avocado, shiso, crispy shallot & wasabi ice Cream

*Hokkaido Scallop (GF) $198

*Hokkaido Scallop (GF)


accompanied by uni, nori, puffed sushi rice, cucumber and pickled ginger

*48 Months Bellota Ham (GF) $188

*48 Months Bellota Ham (GF)


served with compressed melon, chicharon, tapioca and cantaloupe bouillon

Alaskan King Crab


tossed with crab paste, oscietra, grated egg white, granny smith apple dashi,
squid ink chip and crab paste spring roll

Langoustine Tartar (GF)


served with shoyu gelee, scallion oil, garlic chips and micro herbs

*Octopus (GF) $188

*Octopus (GF)


slow cooked and charred
served with white bean puree, kale, grilled corn, sweet sour pearl onion, crispy Chinese sausage and balsamic

*Eggplant (V) (GF)


dengaku, grilled, smoky puree
with acacia honey roasted butternut squash, tortilla chips, kenya bean, scallions, radish and tahini dressing

Heirloom Tomatoes (V) $168

Heirloom Tomatoes (V)


roasted and marinated
served with miso cured organic egg yolk, quinoa, mizuna, shiso and ginger soy dressing


Japanese Black Abalone $380

Japanese Black Abalone


slow cooked in konbu then grilled
served with cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, fregola and liver sauce

Wild Turbot (GF) $360

Wild Turbot (GF)


steamed and served in bamboo steamer
accompanied by celtuce, spring onion emulsion, gouba and mui choy sauce

Boston Lobster $298

Boston Lobster


served with lobster bisque, thai yellow curry egg sauce, baby carrot, fennel and garlic bread



tossed with linguine, xo sauce, spring onion and crispy conpoy

*French Chicken Breast


pan fried
accompanied by heirloom carrot, edamame, coriander, crispy shallot and galangal coconut emulsion

Anjou Pigeon


genmaicha smoked then grilled
served with crispy wonton skin, sweet corn puree, pickled beet root and plum sauce

*Australian Lamb Rack (GF)


served with charred garlic scapes, bamboo shoots, sautéed mushrooms,
fermented bean curd and crispy bean curd sheet

*Spanish Pork Belly (GF)


braised with Okinawa black sugar and shoyu
served with bitter melon, tofu and mustard

Wagyu A3 Sirloin (GF) $480

Wagyu A3 Sirloin (GF)


served with yaki onigiri, mizuna, garlic chips, wasabi, onsen egg and kabayaki sauce

*Cauliflower (V) $188

*Cauliflower (V)


roasted, charred, burnt and pickled
accompanied by black truffle, puffed millet, crispy bean curd and miso vinaigrette

Side Dishes

Cauliflower Tempura served with Spicy Mayo


Garlic Frites


Miso Butter Broccolini (GF)


Sautéed XO Sauce Green Zucchini (GF)


Honey & Radish Soy Rocket Leaves (GF)


Tasting menu


HK$688 per person

2 starters + 1 main + 1 dessert
(Please select from*)


HK$988 per person

3 starters + 2 mains + 1 dessert
(Please select from*)

Six-course Deluxe Menu

HK$1288 per person

3 starters + 2 mains + 1 dessert (please inquire for daily selection)


(V) Suitable for Vegetarians