A La Carte

Jet Fresh Oysters


raw served on Ice (please inquire for daily selections)

*Soup du Jour


(please inquire for daily selection)


*mes Coddled Organic Egg on Black Truffled Mash (V) *


Pacific Big Eye Tuna (GF)


tossed with avocado, shiso, crispy shallot & wasabi ice Cream

Boston Lobster $248

Boston Lobster


slow cooked
accompanied by tofu mousse, ink tuile and mango vinaigrette

Hokkaido Scallop (GF) $198

Hokkaido Scallop (GF)


topped with salmon roe, sweet corn, okra, mizuna and honey yuzu dressing

Baby Beet (V) (GF)


served with sha ge, quinoa, rocket leaves & sesame dressing

Brussels Sprouts (GF)


crispy charred
topped with onsen organic egg, tossed with cremini, truffle, Fontina & puffed dried shrimps

48 Months Bellota Ham & Cheese Tartine $188

48 Months Bellota Ham & Cheese Tartine


served with burrata, brioche toast, cucumber, fresh herbs & fig vinaigrette

Alaskan King Crab $188

Alaskan King Crab


rice paper roll with avocado cream and ponzu soy gelée & tomato air

USDA Prime Beef Tartare $198

USDA Prime Beef Tartare


adorned with quail egg, beef threads, curry gelee and charred baguette


Jet Fresh Fish of The Day

(please inquire for daily selection)

French Duck Breast


baby leek, cucumber, sweet garlic, charred pita bread & hoisin duck jus

Australia Lamb Loin $360

Australia Lamb Loin


served with garlic puree, shacha vegetables, scallions crepe & lamb jus

USDA Prime Short Rib (GF) $340

USDA Prime Short Rib (GF)


served on hot spring stone with acacia honey roasted pumpkin & spicy nanami spinach

Dutch Veal Cheek


slow cooked in Chiu Chow soybean paste
served with tendon, baby turnips & crispy rice noodle

French Spring Chicken (GF) $268

French Spring Chicken (GF)


baked in sea salt
accompanied by pok choy millet potage

Edamame (V)


tossed with tofu gnocchi, crispy bean curd knot, baby carrot shavings & snow cabbage emulsion

Hokkaido Scallop (GF)


served with lemongrass pumpkin puree, sitting in laksa broth & condiments

Spanish Bacalaos $320

Spanish Bacalaos


served with chorizo garlic crumbs, clams, steamy dashi fish broth & charred spring onion oil

New Zealand Langoustine $360

New Zealand Langoustine


served with konjac fettuccine and prawn bisque
topped with cracklings, lobster roe, scallions & coriander

Iberico Pluma


roasted with char siu glaze
served with yaki onigiri, broccolini, & sweet soy sauce

Side Dishes

Cauliflower Tempura served with Spicy Mayo


Garlic Frites


Miso Butter Broccolini


Sautéed XO Sauce Green Zucchini


Honey & Radish Soy Rocket Leaves



(V) Suitable for Vegetarians

(GF) Available for Gluten Free Guests