A La Carte

Jet Fresh Oysters


raw served on Ice (please inquire for daily selections)

*Soup du Jour


(please inquire for daily selection)


*mes Coddled Organic Egg on Black Truffled Mash (V) *

*Langoustine $188



crispy wontons
topped with oyster emulsion & seaweed dust

*Tuna $168



tossed with avocado, shiso, crispy shallot & wasabi ice Cream

Lobster $238



slow cooked
accompanied by mango salsa & ink tuile

Foie Gras $168

Foie Gras


pan fried
adorned with ginger orange apricot chutney & Szechuan peppercorn on toasted brioche

Scallop $198



Hokkaido, carpaccio
topped with salmon roe, oscietra, baby zucchini & yuzu foam

*Baby Beet (V) $148

*Baby Beet (V)


roasted, marinated, crumbled
served with Greek yogurt, pickled shallot, fresh plums & figs

Heirloom Baby Carrots (V) $148

Heirloom Baby Carrots (V)


maple syrup glazed
served with quinoa, Cambodia black pepper, lemon gelée & cashew dressing

Brussels Sprouts $168

Brussels Sprouts


crispy charred
topped with onsen organic egg, toseed with cremini, truffle & Fontina


Jet Fresh Fish of The Day

(please inquire for daily selection)

King Prawn $288

King Prawn


kataifi wrapped & deep fried
sitting in laksa broth & condiments

*Duck Breast


baby leek, cucumber, sweet garlic, charred pita bread & hoisin duck jus

*Black Cod


Chiu Chow soybean sauce glazed
served with crispy yam, sugar snaps & cockles in steamy fish broth

Lamb Chop $360

Lamb Chop


pan fried
served with smoked miso aubergine purée, broccolini, wasabi lime foam & black garlic jus

Short Rib $340

Short Rib


USDA prime, grilled
served on hot spring stone with acacia honey roasted pumpkin & kimchi salsa

Hairy Crab


tossed with linguine, pea sprouts
topped with sea urchin, Zhenjiang vinegar gelée & puffed ginger

*Pork Belly $320

*Pork Belly


Iberico, seared
served with kale, daikon & Tai O shrimp paste sauce

*Chicken Breast


accompanied by miso corn purée, okra & yuzu honey soya sauce

Jerusalem Artichoke


chips, purée & foam
served with scallops & black truffle

*Cauliflower (V) $188

*Cauliflower (V)


purée hickory scented, pan fried, crumbs, pickled shavings, blanched leaves
topped with crispy tofu skin

Side Dishes

Cauliflower Tempura served with Spicy Mayo


Garlic Frites


Miso Butter Broccolini


Sautéed XO Sauce Green Zucchini


Butter Sweet Corn & Smoked Mozzarella


Tasting menu


$588 per person

2 starters + 1 main + 1 dessert (Please select from*)


$888 per person

3 starters + 2 mains + 1 dessert (Please select from*)

Six-course Deluxe Menu

$1288 per person

3 starters + 2 mains + 1 dessert (please inquire for daily selection)