A La Carte

Jet Fresh Oysters

raw served on Ice (please inquire for daily selections)

1 - Starters

*Soup du Jour


(please inquire for daily selection)

*Japanese Organic Egg (V) (GF)



served with bamboo fungus & wild mushrooms duxdelle, Gruyère, truffle shitake dashi



chopped, tossed with xo sauce

served with ikura, garlic crumbs, scallions, dried shrimp roe & cold capellini

Hokkaido Scallop (GF)



accompanied by oscietra, sugar snap peas, crispy chicken skin & sakura ebi sauce

*Sustainable Pacific Bigeye Tuna (GF)



accompanied by avocado, shiso, crispy shallot, wasabi emulsion & nori cracker

Foie Gras


spring roll

accompanied by napa cabbage, duck leg confit,

plums, rocket cress, tamarind vinaigrette & zhenjiang vinegar fig confiture

*Kagoshima Chuck Rib (GF)



served with uni, organic egg yolk, pickled shimeiji & sweet potato chips

(add $80 for tasting menu option)

Boston Lobster


stir fried

served with scrambled organic egg, brioche toast, Comté & black truffle

2 - Mains

*Wagyu A3 Sirloin (GF)


pan fried

served with yaki onigiri, mizuna, garlic chips, wasabi, onsen egg & kabayaki sauce

(add $150 for tasting menu option)

Japanese Black Abalone (GF)


steamed with konbu

served with egg custard, tangerine peel, ginger soy sauce & liver tapioca chips

*Organic Vegetables (V)


from local market, charred

accompanied by fillo pasty, puffed quiona, melted mont d’or & fermented beancurd sauce

Spanish Pork Belly 2 Ways


braised in soy sauce, sous vide & seared

accompanied by bamboo shoots, bok choy barley, chicharrones, garlic purée & savora jus

Hairy Crab



tossed with linguine, snow pea tips, topped with uni, puffed ginger & zhenjiang vinegar foam

*French Chicken Breast (GF)



accompanied by goji berries, sautéed conch, sea cucumber crackling & superior chicken broth

*Japanese Snapper (GF)



accompanied by crispy skin, cockles, celtuce, fermented soy bean purée & sweet soy

3 - Side Dishes

Cauliflower Tempura served with Spicy Mayo


Garlic Frites


Miso Butter Broccolini (GF)


Sautéed XO Sauce Green Zucchini (GF)

Avocado Tempura with Salted Egg Yolk Dip $78

Avocado Tempura with Salted Egg Yolk Dip


4 - Tasting menu


HK$688 per person

2 starters + 1 main + 1 dessert
(Please select from*)
add HK$238 for wine pairing


HK$988 per person

3 starters + 2 mains + 1 dessert
(Please select from*)
add HK$338 for wine pairing

Six-course Deluxe Menu

HK$1288 per person

3 starters + 2 mains + 1 dessert (please inquire for daily selection)

5 - Note

(V) Suitable for Vegetarians